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Games, gaming culture, and dwarves.

I used to be an aerospace engineering student. Now I'm heading into interaction design and make games in my spare time!
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Indie game portfolio on Tumblr?

I’ll be back to tumbling more regularly shortly, but in the meantime I’m investigating a way to create a game portfolio in Tumblr. I’m thinking of creating an additional tumblog with a grid theme and linking to that as a page, but I have yet to find a suitable theme. Most seem to be tailor-made for photography, which means only one picture per entry and little room for descriptive text. The reason I want my game projects on Tumblr is the ease of which others can leave comments and Like.

Has anyone got a good theme suggestion, or know of tumblogs which solve this project portfolio thing in some other way? - KEYBOARD DRUMSET FUCKING WEREWOLF

Super-productive indie game maker Cactus releases yet another game, this time together with the band Fucking Warewolf ASSO (music and graphics). The awesome cover below was apparently made by his brother, whom I mistook for Cactus himself in Gothenburg a couple weeks ago… This town sure is small.

Anyway, PLAY THE GAME cuz its awesome and the song is such a fucking earworm.

NO I said play the game don’t watch the video

Fortenight Games: Game #2 - Telewalker (Gamepad Loving Edition)

Check out me and my friends’ latest two week (more like three weeks+) game, Telewalker! If you hate gamepads you’ll have to make do with this other version…


We spent the last two weeks fixing up this little game. Now we finally feel ready to release Telewalker upon the world!

Click to play (requires Unity web player)

The goal is to reach the end of the level as quickly as possible. The controls are explained along the way, so plug in your gamepad…